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James Hurman has smoked cigarettes for twelve years and has tried all the usual ways to quit smoking. He has created a listing on the New Zealand online auction site trademe, and on Monday 31 March, 2008, the highest bidder will receive a contract in which he will hand over his right to smoke to them, and agree to pay them a forfeit of NZ$1000.00 per cigarette that he smokes at any time following the auction’s closure.
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Sam asks if it was indeed such a Good Friday with a poem by T. S. Eliot, he visits a rocky outcrop near his home, revisits George Mckay Brown and makes comparisons Octavio Paz a Mexican poet, writer, and diplomat, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990.

Sam Hunt is New Zealand's best-known poet and he continues to do what he’s always done - bring poetry to the people.

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Providing a sonic mash up, Farmer Pimp mix old school with the new to create uniquely beautiful music. Comprising of vocals (Claire Holmes), upright bass and spoken word (Mark Michel), synths and keys (J.P Muer), violin (Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper) and drums (Glen Child). Farmer Pimp play a new un-released track called Elroboto.
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A new scheme that would offer Air New Zealand passengers the chance to pay extra for tickets in exchange for helping the environment is being introduced. The airline will offer passengers a voluntary carbon offset scheme that will cost up to $88 per trip but there is some confusion being cause by the way it is being reported. David advocates an idea from - Install padded soundproof Kick & Scream booths in malls and outside government offices and banks where people can vent their anger without causing a breach of the peace. These would also be suitable for parents to take kids having tantrums.

David Slack commentates at public address and lurks at

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Showing at the World Cinema Showcase is Boxing Day, a low-budget vérité-styled psychodrama devised by director Kriv Stenders in close collaboration with his charismatic hard-man star, real-life ex-con Richard Green. In this interview Kriv and Kristian de-construct the film making process and explain in depth what it takes to produce a low budget but compelling and absorbing 86 minutes.
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The use of mobiles on planes flying in European airspace has been given approval by UK regulator Ofcom but is this actually a good idea? And what has Arthur C Clark done for space travel and does Paul think Arthur was a kiddy fiddler?

Paul Brislen loves technology - find him at his blog

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