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September 2006
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One Wammo Episode #7
  • The big political news in New Zealand over the past few weeks has been the personal muck raking between National leader Don Brash and Prime Minister Helen Clark. I talked to Scoop political editor Kevin List about the furore and some audio dug up from the past recorded during  my old radio show on RDU where Don Brash frequently dished out practical love advice
  • Nominations are open for entry to the highly-prestigious 2007 World Class New Zealand Awards. These Awards recognise successful New Zealanders who help to enhance the reputation of our country on the world stage. I spoke with Simon Brown who is the Network Manager for World Class New Zealand from Kea New Zealand. Find out how to nominate your buddies!
  • Got your finances sorted? Gareth Morgan has just released a new book called Pension Panic: Tough Talk on Sorting Your Finances. Gareth Morgan is CEO of Gareth Morgan Investments and e is also a well-known columnist, a television debater and a sought-after conference speaker. He spoke straight talk to me about money and motorbikes. Motorbikes are cool but even cooler when you go long distance.
  • Huffer has just wrapped up their show at the New Zealand fashion week. Dan from huffer let me in on some of their secrets, where they've been and where they plan to go.

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One Wammo Episode #6
  • The Digital earth Summit on Sustainability took place in Auckland at the beginning of September 2006. It was the most significant scientific gathering ever held in this part of the world. Its focus was the most important issue facing us - long-term survival. I spoke with Dr. Tim Foresman who is a pre-eminent scientist who was a leading expert with NASA.
  • A new documentary called Try Revolution tells the story of how the 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand impacted on South Africa. Director Leanne Pooley tells me what she discovered in the making of this film.
  • Our New Scientist correspondent Amy Johnston lets us know if the people of AD 12006 will understand our warnings about buried nuclear waste and Fossil hunters have found an elusive creature that is the latest missing link.
  • Finally award winning and best selling author Robert Goddard pops in to chat about his new book and gives me a few pointers about my own crime writing.

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