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August 2006
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One Wammo Episode #5
  • To start off we get inspired with Vincent Heeringa from Idealog magazine. In particular we look at the cover story on this months issue where a whole bunch of creative kiwi advertising types have won awards for their work, and we ask how can you turn your ideas into wealth? And how can New Zealand transform itself from a land soaked in rain to an economy drenched in great ideas?
  • Talking about creative types we stay in that vein when I talk to Sam Jones from Tokyo Plastic - award winning animators from england
  • Then its back to New Zealand where a new web service has started up called Swapclub. What is it and how is it different to trademe or ebay? Creator Adrian Penman joins me for a chat
  • To some odd news about some russian scientists conducting research into the effects of putting a bunch of people into a dimly lit capsul for two years. All in the name of exploration to mars. Sarah Chatwin from Mindworks lets us know how this might effect the human mind.
  • Have you ever fancied yourself as a romance novelist? Or have you wondered what is the rational behind those cheesy lovey dovy story lines? I'll be joined by award winning Romance writer Debbie Mccomber for a dip into the world of amour.
  • And finally David Slack is at it again with the fun bags and a look at the worlds hard hitting top stories.

Running Time: 00:57:01

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  • The Digital earth Summit on Sustainability represents the most significant scientific gathering ever held in this part of the world. Its focus will be on the most important issue facing us - long-term survival. The IQ of New Zealand will double during this summit! Richard Simpson the chairman for digital earth lets us know what its all about.
  • We look at how New Zealand oral health habits stack up against those in europe. Doctor Teresa Madden from the University of Otago tells us how often we brush and gives me some pointers on my own habits.
  • The Pole to Pole Leadership Institute is an international organization that inspires, empowers, and trains youth to take initiative and become leaders addressing the critical issues of our time.pole to pole with Martin Williams in Canada We trek
  • The Filmakers of American Cannibal pop in to chat about the making of this astounding documentary. In the Spring of 2005, two aspiring TV writer-producers were hired by the publicity-obsessed promoter behind the Paris Hilton sex tape to create a brutal all-or-nothing reality show "where survival is just the beginning." Denis Jensen, Gill Holland and Perry Grebin give us some insights to the world of reality TV and the making of the doco. See it at the New Zealand International Film Festival.
  • The New Zealand foreign affairs minister, Winston Peters, recently had a wee bite on his bottomTravel Essentials from a mystery insect while working overseas. We find out how to be safe and avoid creepy crawlers with Doctor Mark Shaw who is the medical director of
  • What do private investigators actually do? We chat with Danny Thompson who is the operations manager at Auckland Investigations.

Running Time: 00:59:29

Notes coming soon...
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