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There are plenty of great sites sharing tips and tricks for Indie Film-makers and start by getting your sound right. People will watch grainy footage, but not if they can't hear a word of dialogue. Professional lighting can be achieved on a miniscule budget, especially if you think creatively. For reflectors try a cheap silver car windscreen shade. Diffuse lights? Use a shower curtain or a white umbrella. Need a cheap Steadycam? Try a plastic bag.

Show notes at the The MsBehaviour Files

MsBehaviour is a creative columnist for The Big Idea, Managing Directrix of Mohawk Media and nz-indie-media diva-aspie-girl and g33k

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Te Radar has been working hard on the farm and is noticing changes to his hands and ponders the strange things you can catch while gardening and for that matter strange things you can get inoculated for. Winston Peters has a plan for old people to get them off the road. Meanwhile the young folk are creating havoc in motel rooms. Petrol hits another milestone particularly if you fancy the high octane stuff and protect the environment by buying books.

Te Radar has an opinion on almost anything and most of the time can be found milking the goat on his farm.

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Kennedy is best known for his popular TV show ‘The Jamie Kennedy Experiment’, a ‘Candid Camera’ meets ‘Saturday Night Live’ program combining irreverent on-the-street sneak attacks and elaborate pranks captured by hidden camera, with a live studio audience. Kennedy’s big break came when he was cast in Baz Luhrmann's ‘Romeo + Juliet’, but his role in Wes Craven's ‘Scream’ - which broke box office records and landed Kennedy with a Blockbuster Best Supporting Actor Award - put his name on the Hollywood map. Kennedy has acted in many movies including ‘As Good as It Gets’, ‘Enemy of the State’, ‘Bowfinger’, ‘Three Kings’ and ‘Son of Mask’. Jamie chats about life in Hollywood and we dream up a potential stunt for his telly show.
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Sahil Merchant from Magnation chats about Computer Arts Projects and Whisky Magazine.
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Ground-crawling US war robots armed with machine guns, deployed to fight in Iraq last year, reportedly turned on their fleshy masters almost at once. Increasingly traceable online footprints will transform Google's dominant algorithm and open up the world of Web search for the 21st century. Get Paid for your Psychic Skills at Predictify.

Paul Brislen loves technology - find him at his blog

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What will be ringing in the ears of labour politicians all the way to the election? Perhaps not John Key who is everything but adventurous... Is Helen Clark once again a victim of her own success? Is David planning on standing for parliament?

David Slack commentates at public address and lurks at

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Sam Hunt gets the Wammos up north and almost gets zapped in front of the fire. A quick jaunt to the Bay of Greed impresses Sam and an interesting number on return home. A reading from Alistair Te Ariki Campbell's last poem for his late wife Meg and we mark the passing of Mahinarangi Tocker. Also includes Tocker's track 'Never No More' from the Baxter CD.

Sam Hunt is New Zealand's best-known poet and he continues to do what he’s always done - bring poetry to the people.

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The Calico Brothers are three brothers, one cousin, one friend. They sing, play instruments, record songs, sometimes play live, sometimes drink wine, watch TV, go to bed early, swim at the beach in the morning. They play 'Do what you have to Do' and 'Blown Apart' from their new EP 'God Left Town'.
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Plans drawn up for a war on drink
A global strategy against alcohol plans to match the health successes of international controls on tobacco which prevent harm to non-smokers from passive smoking. The strategy is in light of a growing realisation of the scale of damage caused to non-drinkers as a result of other people drinking. According to an institute on alcohol abuse in the US, "Of people killed in alcohol-related car crashes in the US, nearly half are people other than the drinking driver". The World Health Organisation will complete a draft plan of their global strategy by 2010.

Dirty, Sexy Money
Carbon trading is catching on in a big way, attracting major financial companies. In 2007, the value of deals done in carbon credits reached an estimated $60 billion. Fred Pearce asks the critical question: Does this activity actually keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere? There are widespread fears that it does not.

Bianca Nogrady is a freelance science and medical writer and also a broadcaster for New Scientist magazine.

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National party leader John Key is adamant that someone must have hacked into the parliamentary system to steal emails featured in Nicky Hager's 'The Hollow Men', despite a police report discounting this possibility. Also more Electoral finance act confusion regarding online viral videos for example this one where John Key forgets his position on the Springbok Tour. Is this Labour Party electioneering material?

Russell Brown writes how he sees it at Public Address.

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